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Your doc file has been captured as an image file (attached).
However, I was not able to understand what you need.

[quote]The idea is that AIDS causing virus HIV-1 (green icozahedrons) move first from A to B and attaches to CD4 receptor via its counterpart the gp 120 in vertical position. During the movement the 3 inner gimbals (colored rings) should rotate gradually and locked i.e. match each other concentrically at the attachment.  [/quote]

1. Does B mean the initial condition in the previous simulation I have created for you?
2. Does A mean ROLL=90 and YAW=90?
3. Do you want A to become initial state and the simulation change from status A to status B?

Then the attached HIV-1 (icosaeder) together with the CD4 receptor and the Lipid raft as well should move to the right side and attach the CCR5 co-receptor. The rings should stay at the same position as in B.[/quote]
4. What need to be done in the simulation to show status C???

Could you explain it in more detail?