Dear Mr. Fu-Kwun Hwang,

I would like to kindly request another animation which will complement the previous one you recently did for me. Please look at the attached file gimbaljanimation.doc. The idea is that AIDS causing virus HIV-1 (green icozahedrons) move first from A to B and attaches to CD4 receptor via its counterpart the gp 120 in vertical position. During the movement the 3 inner gimbals (colored rings) should rotate gradually and locked i.e. match each other concentrically at the attachment. Then the attached HIV-1 (icosaeder) together with the CD4 receptor and the Lipid raft as well should move to the right side and attach the CCR5 co-receptor. The rings should stay at the same position as in B.(please see C). or

Please look at the above sites  to get some clues on what I am asking you.

Thanking you very much in advance I am,

With kindest regards.
Evgeni Gabev.