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I need to have a physics model in order to create the simulation.

Do you have the model in mind?

I found some model at http://epubl.ltu.se/1653-0187/2007/086/LTU-PB-EX-07086-SE.pdf
Does the model in that pdf fit with your need?
You also need to provide values for all the parameters so that the simulation can fit with the need of your system.

Dear Mr. Fu-Kwun Hwang,
Thank you very much for your reply and for your efforts to find a model for my gimbal request to you. Actually I need something more simple than that in the Masters Thesis (the .pdf file you sent to me). This is actually a gimbal  with a gyroscope inside for the purpose of stabilization some systems, e.g.digital moove cameras etc. I need just a 3 circle gimbal (no gyroscopeinside) with one common axis (please see the attached figures) and to have the ability to move them independently having a meter for the rotation angle. Here below is a model which is OK for me but as you can see I can not use it. http://www.eng.auburn.edu/users/jzd0009/matlab/doc/help/toolbox/physmod/mech/gimbal.html
The controls I need are: Start/Stop, Restart, Reset and the most important is the ability to rotate and to position the 3 circles as it is shown on the attached pictures. Please use the words Pitch, Roll and Yaw as they are written on the pictures for the type and direction of the rotation. The mathematics is given at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimbal_lock
Please note that I am not a mathematcian and might be I am wrong giving you this matrices. Wishing you a nice weekend I am with kindest regards. PS. I will of course site your name and site in my publications using your applet.