Dear Fu-Kwun Hwang,

I liked this simulation very much. I was searching the web for such a simulation but couldn't find one, not even commercial simulators have these features.

So at first, let me thank you for your great work. Maybe USA is right in fearing China  ;)

I have two main interests at this time regarding this simulation called Buoyant Force.

1. I want to simulate the effect of a free falling body and how its speed changes swiftly as it hits the water surface. This is to show the power of water buoyancy and its effect on gravity (as anti-gravity force.)
2. I want to simulate the effect of high water pressure of deep sea. I want to submerge a container (after entering its properties) and see when this container gets imploded by sheer water pressure.
3. I want to simulate the effect of water buoyancy on free fall. I'm especially interested in showing how fluid properties (density, salinity, temperature) and gravitational constant (g) affect free fall's terminal velocity. I need this to simulate probes sent to outer space esp. Venus (atmosphere 90 times thicker than earth), Mars (gravity constant half of earth) and Jupiter (gravity 13 times but size 100 times and atmosphere - I think - nearly as thick as water.)

To achieve these interests, your simulation will need these extra features:

a. Ability to record the simulation data whether as a graph or output file.
b. Ability to load an image or vector graphic in place of the solid brick. This is to make simulation feel closer to real world.
c. Ability to change gravitational constant (g).
d. Ability to change salinity of water.
e. Ability to change water temperature.
f. Ability to specify properties of atmosphere.
g. Larger screen size.

I hope the above information is sufficient to build/modify the applet.

Thank you for your reply, Aamir Berni.