The following is a simulation for a real physics demonstration.

A ball is placed in the funnel and the funnel cocked by compressing a spring. The track is raised at one end so that when it is released the cart accelerates down the track. At a certain point a bump below the track trips a lever, releasing the spring and ejecting the ball perpendicular to the track.
Where will the ball fall?

   * (a) The ball will fall in front of the funnel.
   * (b) The ball will fall behind the funnel.
   * (c) The ball will fall IN the funnel.

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Press the Alt key and the left mouse button to drag the applet off the browser and onto the desktop.

[b:601ec2c994]You can drag the left slider to change the angle of the track. [/b:601ec2c994]
You can check out for a real demonstration or click the above picture to watch the movie.