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If the gap between the dees is very small , the two frequency is the same.
What if the gap is not small? You will need to adjust the frequency of the electric oscillator.
Enter the value of the frequency ratio (oscillator frequency/cyclotron frequency) into the textfield.
<ul>( Do not forget to hit RETURN button after you change the frequency ratio)</ul>
Click the red dot near the electric oscillator and drag it up/down to change the voltage of the oscillator.

i finally figure out this cyclotron.
the frequency ratio (oscillator frequency/cyclotron frequency)=1 initially for a few rounds

then the oscillator frequency > cyclotron frequency, i need to adjust it is 1.1?
but the sims did not take new values of frequency ratio, when i key in 1.1 at time >0, the sims reset.
is that correct design of this sim?