If the ball reaches the bottom of the looping, the arrows sudden grow. In as well step as play modus.
It is nice to change initial velocity.

What are you? Student? Teacher? Employee?
Is it your job to make applets?
I think,your doing a good and quick job. Thanks.

I'm curious how the version with fixed radius will bee.
I know a very little bit of programing. I think I'll study the source file. May bee I understand a little bit of it.....

Is it due to my XP machine and firefox 3.6.12 java 6 update 22-b04?
The first time the applet is loaded I get only a black screen.
If I open a new tab there the applet is after a while as it must be.
Returning to the first tab and renew the page at last this is good to.
Are you familiar to this behavior.