This applet Created by prof Hwang, modified by Ahmed.
Original applet [url=]Pendulum sets with different initial angle plus damping[/url]
This simulation show 11 pendulums with different initial angle(from minimum angle to minimum angle+angle range)
It can be run in two different modes:
1. \frac{d^2\theta}{dt}=-\frac{\ell}{g}\sin\theta-b\frac{d\theta}{dt} (equation for real pendulum)
2. \frac{d^2\theta}{dt}\approx-\frac{\ell}{g}\theta-b\frac{d\theta}{dt} (equation for small angle approximation :assume \sin\theta\approx\theta)

The damping factor b=0 is the default.
You can change it and find out what will happened.
For the second mode: the period and damping factor are the same for all pendulums. Do you know why?

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