Well, I want to draw a curve about the function G(w)= 1/Math.sqrt((c-m*w*w)*(c-m*w*w)+b*b*w*w), where the parameter c, m and b can be changed by sliders. The w is the x axis input, and it has a fixed range from 0 to 5000. G is the y axis input.
In other words, this curve can be modified automaticly if the parameter c, m or b is changed.

I just put this funtion under the Fixed-Relation. I don't know how to define the range of w, so I just made a loop in the code:

for (w=0; w<=5000; w=w+0.05)
G= 1/Math.sqrt((c-m*w*w)*(c-m*w*w)+b*b*w*w);

Anyways the curve didn't show up in the plotting panel. :'(

hope I've explained clearly. :)