Hello prof
I need help about applet i try to mix your code in applet to me get what applet i want but
No have succeed, however i need your help to applet become like flash applet that i will attach.
I will attach flash applet and i will attach too  the applet jar file to you watch what i done and what need
More to become like in flash SWF movie that i attach.
PLS: i will attach SWF applet is by portages language, and i will attach jar file to you see what i different and how you can help me
And please version of flash is old so i will change path of flash applet from exe to swf just for accept attach after you download and change path again from swf to exe for work with you,
Just change last 3 letters from swf to exe and will work normally.
In flash applet 3 cases sin,cosin,tangente, you need to choose what case you want after down you will find 4 words First one is Iniciar=play by english so click inciar applet will work
What i have problem to done is last case name is [b]tangente and grafic[/b] of applet not right because must be mixmum 1 and minimum -1
Please Waiting Answer