zoom in and out graphics from http://findicons.com/icon/86740/zoom_in?width=16#
Ejs Open Source Motion of Charge Particle in Electric & Magnetic Field in 3D

changes made:
1 redesign layout to suit my usual design to ease of learning for students who use my design before
2 color scheme B field orange, E field red etc
3 added B and E field visualization arrow and text on (xf,yf,zy) thanks to http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnujava/index.php?topic=1431.0
4 changes to axes view because (x,y,z) allows for association of motion
5 added new panel for each variable text field text and slider combined for maximum usability to explore infinite options but with slider ease to closest true
6 added F_E and F_B for association of field direction to force
7 adopted a column vector representation consistently
8 added zoom in and out graphics from zoom in and out graphics are taken from creative commons license http://findicons.com/icon/86740/zoom_in?width=16#
9 added time
10 added tips
11 fix a bug of the initial velocity not read by simulation by initialize() the buttons with
vx = vxinit; // added by lookang
vy = vyinit;
vz = vzinit;
idea from http://surendranath.tripod.com/Applets.html
12 need to add Bz and vx only circle
By and vx only circle
Bx and vx only straight line uniform
vx and By and Bz circle
vx and vy and By helix

13 need to add vx and Ey parabola
vx and Ex straight line accelerate motion
vx and Ez  parabola

14  vx Ey and Bz where q*Ey = vx*Bz*q           straight line velocity selector
vx=vy=vz = 0 Ex and Bz many semi circle
vx and Ex and Bz spring like path