Subject: Re: Applets Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:44:29 +0100 From: "Anthony Vinters" <> To: "Fu-Kwun Hwang" <> Dear Fu Kwun Hwang, I have received your applet. This is fine, the diagrams look exactly right. I cannot run the applet as my email seemed not to contain any software to animate the diagrams, only the pictures themselves. Can you put this on your site so I can try it out? Perhaps you would consider writing an applet to show a how a Transverse wave is made up of oscillating particles: this would be a most valuable teaching tool.Also a Longitudinal wave to show how the wave particles vibrate in the same plane as the plane of propagation? Both applets would work well alongside your excellent SHM applet. Once again thank you for answering my request, certainly material such as this makes Physics much more enjoyable to teach and learn. With very best wishes, Anthony Vinters. Head of Science Rishworth School.