Think about the magnitude of the physics quantity is very important when we study physics.

Did you notice that the radius is very small: 10^{-4} m
And the period of one resolution is very small,too. T=3.57\times 10^{-10} s.
So the electron will make almost 3\times 10^9 turns in one second.
There is no way you can observed such trajectory with your eye or ordinary device.
And the velocity is very large. v=1.88\times 10^6 m/s.
If only 1% of velocity component is along the field line, the electron will move along the field line with speed u\approx 10^4m/s\approx 10 km/s.

So on average, the electron will move along the field line.  That is also how electrons move between sourth pole and north pole-- following the field line of earth's magnetic field.

When the magnetic field is very strong, it will force electron moving back -- that need more physics analysis.
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