i been looking at the codes
i have a question
i notice the test mass uses

evolution to move
dvxc/dt = -getF(-1,xc,yc,0)/m
dvyc/dt= -getF(-1,xc,yc,1)/m

where getF
double dx1,dy1,dx2,dy2,r12,r22,dx,dy,d,sign=-1;
public double getF (int i, double xi,double yi, int mode) {//return electric field
 if(count>=n)return 0; [color=red]// count >=n , do ntg[/color]
 dx1=xi-x1; dy1=yi-y1;
 dx2=xi-x2; dy2=yi-y2;
 r12=dx1*dx1+dy1*dy1; r22=dx2*dx2+dy2*dy2;
 if(add || out[i])return 0.;
//  if( (x[i]>xmax && (y[i]-ymax)*(y[i]-ymin)>0) || (x[i]<xmin && (y[i]-ymax)*(y[i]-ymin)>0) || //(y[i]>ymax && (x[i]-xmax)*(x[i]-xmin)>0) || (y[i]<ymin && (x[i]-xmax)*(x[i]-xmin)>0) ||
if(xi>scale*xmax || yi>scale*ymax || xi<scale*xmin || yi<scale*ymin || r12<size22 || r22<size22) {
  out[i]=true;// if electric field line move outside the drawing region too far=> do not need to following the field line any more
  return 0.;
if(i<np)sign=q1/Math.abs(q1); [color=red]// question sign mean sign of q1 ?[/color]
 else sign=q2/Math.abs(q2); [color=red]// // question sign mean sign of q2 ? [/color]
 if(mode==0)return sign*dx/d; [color=red]// question what does mode do?[/color]
 else return sign*dy/d;

[color=blue]My thoughts:
i tested the codes in the applet, i change the
Q1 = + or -
Q2 = 0
and the test particles goes in the out of the view direction regardless of the signs of Q1.
it is a bug or i need to modify the codes more to reflect the sign of Q1 and Q2?[/color]