0 was browsing around from;topicseen#msg7179 Hwang Fu Kwun original,  layout by Ahmed.
1. redesign from by Hwang Fu Kwun original
2 add tangential velocity visual and bar
3 made the Radius work
4 color adapted from and own design
5 fix bug in equation d(omega)/dt = kv*kw*mu*g/R, kw missing
6 add initial button to allow viewing of solid and hollow sphere one run after another for clearer visual of the graphs 2 plots
7 add bars for values
8 add text to illustrate exactly when the slipping stops adapted from
9 made visual of tangential velocity and linear velocity shorter to fit into the view by divide by 10
10 add table instead of line
11 fix bug the trace is position correctly now at the fixed point on the rim of the object
12 add time
13 add symbols theta etc
14 add velocity at the contact = vx - omega*R Ejs Coin Rolling with and without Sliding Model written by Juan Aguirregabiria edited by Wolfgang Christian