Ejs Open Source Coulomb's Law Java Applet renamed to this to reflect the relationship of Coulomb's law: F = kqQ / r2 = (1/4.?.?o).qQ / r2

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Ejs Open Source Point Charge Electric Field Vector Data Activity java applet written by Anne Cox, Wolfgang Christian, and Francisco Esquembre. I did not make this, i am just trying to learn how to make the data capture part for my other applets :)
Lesson Plan: Electric Field Simulation
Key Topic/Concept: Electric Field
 One guide sheet for each student
 Computer with simulation downloaded
 Science Notebook
The EJS Coulomb Force simulation can be downloaded from the comPADRE National Digital
Library if it not available on the local computer:
< http://www.compadre.org/OSP/items/detail.cfm?ID=9683>
Safety Precautions: No special precautions needed for this lesson.
Written by: Anne J Cox, Wolfgang Christian and Francisco Esquembre
Edited by: Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian
Conditions of Use: This material is freely available for instructional use and may be reproduced
and distributed for non-profit, educational purposes.

area to work on:
different detector look for E field to avoid confusion with magnetic B field detector compass