i always wanted to make this!

My input to the applet.
corrected some typo for the applet.
added some design to the layout
added omega w

good work prof hwang :)
this applet will be a good tool for student learning, they usually cannot understand the transformation of the curve from
"A*sin(w*t)" to ("A*sin(w*t)")^2 as this applet aims to visually represent.

how do you use the blue "B-A*A*cos(2*w*t)/2" to allow learning of average power in AC circuit calculation?

my teaching approach
i normally use only the red curve
and the black curve

other student learning difficulty and suggestion for applet ?
the other part is the area under the curve "A*sin(w*t)" to ("A*sin(w*t)")^2   is half of the rectangle form by A*A and the period T. student cannot visualize this i feel.
i guess i could use Ejs data tool to find area under the curve to show that.

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