changes made after 30 August 2010

1 another Fair = k*v + k2*v^2 to allow exploration of the v^2 model
2 add of the projectile trail
3 made all graphs Active _isPlaying so that the graphs are not connected is not active
4 add range groundx= -vxinit/g*(vyinit+Math.sqrt((vyinit)*(vyinit)+2*g*(yground)));   //
5 maximum height = - vyinit*vyinit/(2*g);  //
6 time of flight tend = groundx/vxinit;  //
7 set ball to always same size to the view of the applet
8 // screen view so that it increases if need
if(x < xmin ) xmin*=1.2;
if(x > xmax) xmax*=1.2;
if(y < ymin ) ymin*=1.2;
if(y > ymax) ymax*=1.2;
20 March 2011
added better range for ymax, xmax
took from up and down applet
20 September 2011
remove all the closet==true for the sliders for web deploy to work
saved as another name for the jar to load properly
dialog is a panel and visible ==false