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1. Parallel light? what is the direction of the parallel light? How many rays you want?
2. Add mirrors by coordinates? At least four numbers are needed for one mirror (start points x,y and end points x,y).
If you need more than one mirror, then there will be many input fields? Is that really what you want? And how many mirrors need to be drawn.

1. the light direction should be from left to right like the one you created on post 14. I think the same ray density should be fine. I would like an aperture to adjust where and how many rays to pass.
2. Yes, four numbers would be necessary for a mirror, can you add one mirror at a time? the mirror added should stay. This way we can add as many as possible. mouse draw is too inaccurate. A possible enhancement: a list that shows coordinates of all mirrors added.

Thanks in advance.