Thanks prof,, i don't want source become ejs I'm ask for me understand every thing about ejs path i like more XML because if you remember
From time i begin learn EJS i work by XML but i meet some applets have path ejs so i think is more good i building database about this kind of path
Even i will not use,,but is good i have idea how it work.
By the way prof i worked in your applets by JDK is really wonderful and I'm sure for develop applets by JDK is very hard.
I have ask have applet i meet is [url=]RC Circuits[/url] when i work in translation
I find some words inside applet like [b]click red switch to start[/b] and other words like [b]voltage,,current,,time[/b] have away to translation this words to portages.
Because i think this is inside class file for me change to portages i need to enter in file class right?
So have a way to me do it,, translation words inside applet or i cant do it ?
Thanks prof