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FI05:      2:402:50 p.m.    Physics Educators as Designers of 
  Simulation Using Easy Java Simulation
Loo Kang WEE, Ministry of Education Singapore, MOE Building, 1 North
Buona Vista Dr. (S)138675, Singapore, 519935;
To deepen the professional practice of physics educators, we seek to high-
light the Open Source Physics (OSP) and Easy Java Simulation (Ejs) com-
munity of educators that engage, enable and empower teachers as learners
so that we can be leaders in our teaching practice. We learned through
Web 2 online collaborative means to develop simulations together with
reputable physicists through the open source digital library. By examining
the open source codes of the simulation through the Ejs toolkit, we are able
to examine and make sense of the physics from the computational models
created by practicing physicists. We will share some of the simulations that
we have remixed from existing library of simulations models into suitable
learning environments for inquiry of physics.