1 added text into the source codes
2 verified the physics of // Torque = I.alpha // mgRsin cta = mR*R alpha in the codes
3 added  weight mg and tension T to represent forces acting on mass m during free body diagram analysis
4 formula string for Fr, Ft and COE during circular motion for fostering deep understanding from a symbolic representation stand point to the macro world view
5 added angular displacement theta, angular velocity omega, time t, centripetal acceleration a-r, tangential acceleration at
6 added tangential velocity v and radial velocity vr
7 change some color scheme
8 add some slider and bars to show values
9 design all variables to be drawn in 2D with checkboxes for sense making
10 decode the newton 2nd law in circular motion with mgRsin cta = mR*R alpha
11 too tired to write compare with this post to know changes made by me Smiley
12 added plot to show s vs t, v vs t and a vs t in x and y and resultant component from an eariler applet i made
13 added x00 y00 for visualization of position 1 in the formula of WD[sub]+[/sub] +KE1+PE1 = KE2+PE2+WD[sub]-[/sub]
14 added many standard variables in circular motion
15 made world view draggable mass m !;topicseen#msg6855
added g slider and text for horizontal/vertical view and motion suggestion by leongster

[s]thing to do but can't
a dragg-able mass m , currently to codes seems to be jammed by