changes made:

1 added text into the source codes
2 verified the physics of CO angular Momentum in the codes
3 added contact force N, weight mg and tension T
4 added Java 3D
5 added angular displacement theta, angular velocity omega, time t, centripetal acceleration a
6 added tangential velocity v and radial velocity vr
7 change some color scheme
8 add some slider and bars to show values
9 design all variables to be drawn in 3D with checkboxes for sense making
10 decode the Conservation of Angular momentum and 3D circular motion with my T1 = m*v*v/r + m*dvr/dt ? // radial acceleration due to tangential change in velocity and radial acceleration due to radial change in velocity ? where dvr/dt = (cst*cst/(m*r*r*r)-M*g)/m
11 too tired to write compare with this post to know changes made by me :)
12 changed back to simple 3D default because Java 3D still improving.
13 change the table to current color scheme for faster rendering