This following applet is [b]Test your understanding about projectile motion[/b]
Created by prof Hwang Modified by Ahmed
Original project [url=]Test your understanding about projectile motion[/url]

The velocity components of blue curve are Vx,Vy , the velocity components of red curve are Vx,Vy.
What is the relation between Vx,Vy and Vx,Vy

(A) Vx= 2Vx, Vy=2Vy
(B) Vx=Vx, Vy=2Vy
(C) Vx=?2 Vx, Vy= ?2 Vy
(D) Vx=Vx, Vy=?2 Vy

After you have your answer ready, Click the mouse inside the applet region and hit "h" key to see how the curve were set up. You can modified the equations for any motion you want to study. Just enter your forumla into the textfield. (hit "h" will toggle the display mode) Enjoy it!

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