I solve problem about control in arrow of velocity and work now very well.
But code in "Fixed relation" page.
[code]if(_isPlaying() && x>xmin+size && y<ymin+size ){
[b]BY the way is the original code that i find when i begin modified simulation [/b]
And code in the "initialize" page.
Second code i modified but first code is original I'm no change
And i modified variable [b]pi=3.14159[/b] to [b]PI=3.14159[/b]
When i use code you post prof ejs consul give 7 error so i back to Original code
And post for you check what wrong i made more.
About a nother problems is the same [b](velocity is slowly)[/b],,,[b]when i drag slider to value less than 30 degree simulation no work[/b].
Applet after solve problem arrow of velocity [eye]

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