This following applet is [b]Ejs version of traffic control simulation[/b]
Created by prof Hwang Modified by Ahmed
Original project [url=]Ejs version of traffic control simulation[/url]
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Each square represent a car. It could be painted with three different color depends on it's acceleration a.
1. a>0 (yellow): when there is no car in front of it or the car in front is far away (the distance is more than dmin) and the street light is not red.
2. a=0 (green): it will keep move with the same speed when it reach maximum speed.
3. a<0 (red): when the street light turn red or the car in front is too close (distance < dmin).

dmin= v* treaction time, where treaction time is the reaction time of the driver.

You can click the +/- sign to change the time delay between traffic lights.