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I am interested with using a ray because the method would be analogue and could therefore check every possible factor in the same short amount of time, regardless of the size of the semi prime. Whereas the computer program's speed at determining the correct factor decreases as the amount of possible factors increases.

The bad part of using an anaologue ray method is that as the number to be factorised increases, so would the accuracy of the machine. In the second part of my previous question, I am asking if there is a machine that uses an analogue method and also does not have the problems of being limited by accuracy.

Do you know RLC circuit can be used to solve any second order differential equation?
The computer was first designed as an analog device. However, precission is the main reason why computer was switched to digital device.
For example: two digits meter can be very cheap. However, 3 digits meter might cost 10 times.
4 digits meter cost even more. And it is very difficult to operate meters with more than 6 digits (need to be in constant temperature environment).