is there anything you feel should be done to enhance the lesson?

- applet design issues
add sound effects [b][color=red]done! 29May2010 effect of sound after collision[/color][/b]
more sound effects added                [b][color=red]my answer! can't add sound on perfectly elastic due to conservation of energy :)[/color][/b]
program lacks instructions to what to start with. clearer indications and more organized layout is preferred      [b][color=red] i can change the layout but i need to understand how to improve it, need concrete layout and design diagram, but good point[/color][/b]
simply recording of results is rather monotonous. program designed as a game, thereby making it more interactive. [b][color=red]done 26May2010 adding the game checker for auto assessment of learning thanks to One Dimensional Collision Model written by Andrew Duffy [/color][/b]
at the end a table can be provided and it would provide us with the values. from there, we do analysis.  [b][color=red] let me find out if it can and should be done, great suggestion!

- implementation issues beginning of lesson
short briefing before use applet
instruction should be more clear
explain basic concepts before carrying out activity
crash course in concepts of momentum and relevant calculations
go through basic theory
short introduction to the topic before the experiment, so as to give a better idea of what is going on.
we can also be taught some important points to pay attention to

- implementation issues during lesson
state the assumptions and give questions instead of just completing the table
tabulate less data strain on hands
too many reading to take for the table
give hints to think about what they have done and draw correct conclusions
more explanation for data collected to aid understanding
teacher provide some questions, then discuss in small groups, then discuss as a class.