Grouping of would you want to attempt similar lessons for other topics in the future?

+ 37/43 plus points 86%
it is very interactive
dry to learn from lecture, need experience to understand
i would love to attend such lessons because it involves a higher degree of interaction between user and computer
it is interesting
help visualize and learn about the concepts
fun and interactive and can discuss with partners
easier to understand
simulation let us visualize the events and the hands-on activity boost interest
easier to understand with demo and actual calculations
more interesting way of learning allow us to enjoy learning
more enjoyable than normal lesson, due to the interactivity
interactive and effective in teaching concepts
keeps me awake and alert to pay attention to topic taught
enables us to do collaboration discussion
more interesting and enjoyable than lectures
less passive learning
such lessons promote collaborative learning
promote collaborative learning
challenged to make connections, when we do there is a great sense of satisfaction
very interesting
easier to learn about relationship between variables
simulation help understand topics, instead if just images on notes
interesting change from usual lesson
takes much less time, view accurately the theoretical outcomes
can watch effect of collisions in different situations
hands on activity more entertaining and will make lesson less dull therefore we can concentrate even better
[color=blue][b]these kinds of lesson force us to think critically. it makes us look at the results, analyze and then find the trend within, which is a really good way to learn independently. it also gives us confidence and a sense of accomplishment when the conclusions we arrive at are correct. [/b][/color] [b][color=limegreen]my favorite :)[/color][/b]
easier to understand than theory lessons
it lets me figure out the concepts rather than just listen and believing what is taught without understanding
the lesson is interesting and hands on
normally people would have to experience any physics concepts themselves through hands on to really remember concepts. Lectures on the other hand may not be effective since maybe what the lecturer is bringing through us is unclear, and thus practical lessons to learn concepts is a great learning deal
allow to explore the knowledge and content ourselves, interesting

- 6/43 negative points  14%
quite hard to learn through thus with the teacher does not teach and explain much about it
benefit more from just watching a clip
instructions are very confusing and even if we get the answers, we do not understand why it is that way
not clear about the learning points
[b][color=red]the activity worksheet did not generate much thinking and concept understanding, just simply presents a set of values to copy to get the answers[/color][/b] [b][color=limegreen]worksheet design issues??[/color][/b]
not interesting