trying the make a 2 magnet model.

still debugging

1. working from an earlier model i remixed into
2. removed some stuff
3  added the ability to Lon and Ron thanks to Prof Hwang's code
4 added a scale on the right side of the applet for aid visualization
5 change the number of xField and yField to 41 instead to allow a zoom of 2
6 got the BField to work correctly by adding  Prof Hwang's code
7 adding the |B| , Bx , By, angle to the display
8 debugging to get it to work beautifully

getting getB to work for inside the magnets which i conceptualize to saturate to 225 arbitrarily following the Phet numbers

still the applet will hang when the compass moves on drag.

the compass reading, inside magnet, decide whether overlap magnets how?