was looking at http://www.fisica.uniud.it/URDF/mptl14/ftp/abstracts/T2_73_OP%20Abstract.pdf
Great Conference Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning MPTL 14!!

Hi Prof, you didn't submit full paper?  ;D it is not there

i reproduced the abstract here, so that people know your insights on physics education with simulation.

Fu-Kwun Hwang, Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
I have created many physics simulations for teaching purpose since 1996. The first simulation created is a
thin lens applet. The main targeted users are physics teachers who want to use java simulation to illustrate
physics concept in classroom ,or combine simulation with worksheet designed for students. I started to
create more complicate simulation, like "physics of rainbow". As a physicist, I found there are so many
physics involved with rainbow. So I tried to add as much information as I knew to the simulation. Yes. I felt
great when it was created because I also learned from the simulation that rainbow is highly polarized. It is
also a popular page. However, it is too complicated and too much information available so that most of the
students will not be able to really learn from it without help from teacher. It might be a good simulation for
talented students, but it is not a good simulation for most of the students who just learned physics for a
short time. And I do not think many teachers really use all the information available in the simulation.
Teacher want to have simulations with many options so s/he can use the same simulations for different
cases. However, student need simulations with the option they needed just for their problem or conquer
their concept barrier. [b][color=blue]For simulation developer: if you want to let people think that you are good in physics or good in simulation skill, go ahead and create more complicate simulations. But if we want to really help teachers or students, please design simulation just for their need.[/color][/b] Do not try to give them too much unless
the purpose is not help students to understand the physics concept. Several hundreds of physics related
simulations are freely available at NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory web site
(http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnujava/) The web site is a forum system so that user can ask questions
related to posted simulations. Login user will find "get file for offline use" button with "send to email
account" or "download directly" options. User can translate simulation web page and/or text symbols used
in the applet into local language format, so that it will be easier for their students. Enjoy it!