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Hi prof  :)
I delete ejs and download again and change path
From ejs consol to this D:/EJS_4.2.7/workspace/source/users/br/ahmed\
So after i copy XML file of project and paste in user/br/ahmed
But when i run to open XML file in ejs said "the file selected must be under the source directory"
I don't know what mean it so I'm still now try understand what the problem in path


You should not change the setting in the ejs console.
Set the workspace in ejs console back to [b]D:/EJS_4.2.7/workspace/[/b]
And move D:\EJS_4.2.7\workspace\source\ahmed\ to  [b]D:\EJS_4.2.7\workspace\[/b][color=red]source\users\br\ahmed\[/color]
If you do not have D:\EJS_4.2.7\workspace\source\users\br\ , you need to create it
then move D:\EJS_4.2.7\workspace\source\ahmed\ to  D:\EJS_4.2.7\workspace\source\users\br\ahmed\

If you change the workspace from D:/EJS_4.2.7/workspace/ to D:/EJS_4.2.7/workspace/source/users/br/ahmed/
Then EJS will try to find source from D:/EJS_4.2.7/workspace/ to D:/EJS_4.2.7/workspace/source/users/br/ahmed/sources/

You can change the directory of workspace to anywhere in your computer.
However, you need to have source/users/br/ahmed/ under the directory of your workspace.

I hope you can understand what I mean. ;)