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I mean prof for typing some information about simulation down picture i add simulation
That i develop is tow windows first window is the interface motion second window is
I add picture about Gravitational Potential because simulation is about it So my ask
What element can i use down picture that i add for me typing explain about Gravitational Potential
For students  ;D
I'll attach picture with mark for place that i want to typing information's :)
There are manuy ways to do it.
Please check out the following simulation as an example:
I add tabbed panel: the first one for the simulation, the second one for the information.
I add drawing panel to insert image. then add another panel to insert textarea to write information for user.

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I have never use video before. I tried it but I can not make it work. So  I do not know.
You might need to ask the EJS author to find out the answer. May be you can visit [url=http://www.um.es/fem/EjsWiki]EJS home[/url] and ask for help!