Meaning too high i think not value of h1 but value of plot window where is shown h1. This plot window i would like to see larger Smiley [/quote]
I did not changed it because I do not know how much larger you need. ??? ???
I can not guest what you want in your mind.  ??? Please describe it in detail.
However, I did change the way it was displayed (scale).

And please, set the maximum value of h1 on 0,14 and maximum of h2 also on 0,14.
I just modified the code so that q1 will be turn off when h1>0.140
And q1 will be tuen on when h1[quote]
Just another question for you..Do you have any experience with cooperating EJS and MATLAB ??
I do not have MATLAB so I have never use that feature.
However, it is only available for EJS version 3.47 or earlier.
I have heard that some users from swissland did use MATLAB with EJS for their research work.