Dear Professor,

The new simulation is very useful for me, especially with the possibility of entering the polygon's defining coordinates.

There are, however, some changes which could be very interesting.

The first one (please see attached "laser pen handling" picture) concerns on how to handle the laser pen. As it is now, you can drag the pen to coordinates defines by its basis, and then rotate the pen over the axis of the basis. If you want to follow a particular line you have to, in most cases, drag and rotate, in order to avoid the entering of the laser pen's output in the optical body. It would be very nice if the laser pen can be dragged and rotated based on the coordinates of its beam output. It would also be very nice if the laser pen's angle could be entered, as shown in the related picture.

The other wished enhancement is the possibility of exporting ray data (please see attached "desired ray data" picture). Here the defining coordinates of the way of the primary beam would be outputted, if possible with its final intensity too.

I will understand if you don't have time or if this is to complicated to do. But,... it would be nice!  :)

With best regards!