[quote author=Fu-Kwun Hwang link=topic=1453.msg5507#msg5507 date=1268447521]
It will only work for you when you login to your server first.
However, it would not work for other users (in general).
Because other user did not know that they need to login to your server before there access the above page.

I will be re-direct to a login page when I try to access;topic=1009.0;attach=1107
You need to provide an URL which is open to public (without login requirement).

I used a trick, i login as admin, goto members permission, modify guest permission, check on the box
View attachments set to true by selecting the checkbox, Done!!, like a normal applet website now.

i think i will stick to SMF forum for the time being, i will just post here for community outreach and on my own SMF as a alternate backup!

thanks for your excellent help!