The jar fie is available from
However, the above URL is a web page content which show the download link.

You can find out the actual URL from the above web page:
Separate the above URL into [b]path[/b] and [b]file[/b] part
Then, the code base and archive tags for applet code should be
codebase="path" archive="file"
The [b]name[/b] and [b]id[/b] tags should be unique at the same page (if you have more than one applets , each name and id should be unique).
So the complete applet code to show the applet might be
<applet archive="ejs_users_sgeducation_lookang_Momentum1D2010web.jar" code="users.sgeducation.lookang.Momentum1D2010web_pkg.Momentum1D2010webApplet.class" codebase="" height="600" id="Momentum1D2010web3151" name="Momentum1D2010web3151" width="900"></applet>

The following is the result of the above code