Dear Professor,

Thanks again for your extensive answer.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you in detail at the present time what I have been analyzing and the purpose behind it. I promise you that I will tell you everything and show you further details in the near future at the right time. I am really sorry for this, but I will make it up shortly. I hope that you understand this.

I know that the simulation I have been asking for is tricky and that the resources of the programming tool might not extend to cover these requests.

In this moment the coverage of the hexagon as attached is sufficient for my needs. The reflected and refracted rays are important up to the intensity sum of 80%. Usually these rays do not surpass the amount of 3 or 4 rays. Having their individual intensity would be nice. If the effort to calculate them is very hi, I will understand that you suppress this feature. Beyond 20% of the remaining energy, further rays are not relevant. So, if you could help to debug the attached case I would be more than happy.

Once again, sorry for not answering fully your question in this moment! :-[ :-[

Best regards, Professor!