1 redesign the evol page to ddz/dt = vz & dvz/dt = -k*dz/m -b*vz/m + force()/m
2 redesign the way the B field is drawn to go to the edge of the magnets to reflect the "zone" which the magnetic force is experienced in the G field.
3 add text S and N
4 add B field to work with the older codes
5 add I
6 add F
7 add L
8 add alpha, which i recoded to be the angle of I and B instead of the older I with x axis for ease of relating to the formula F = I.B.L.sin?
9 made force() work when in the B field
10 add groups in drawing
11 remove some other codes that must be removed to free up the simulation
12 add FBI arrows and text to be drawn to ease symbolic learning
13 add time
14 added alphadeg
15 made magnets semi-transparency
20dec 2010
16 added particles visualization of current and electrons
17 added system view inspired by using codes from Fu-Kwun Hwang from

Youtube by KoonPhysics