Do you mean you want X-Y trajectory at the top, and the rest of the traces under the top one.
You can do it with the following steps from your current project:
1. [b]add[/b] a blank panel to the [u]top[/u] (under [u]drawingFrame[/u]), remember the name
2. [b]right-click[/b] the plottingpanel which include the X-Y trace, select [b]Reparent[/b], and enter the above name, when asked for position: select [b]top[/b].
3. right click the panel which include the other plotting panels, select [b]Reparent[/b] , and enter the same name as above, when asked for position:select [b]center[/b].
4. right the panel created at step 1, select [b]change position[/b], move to [b]center[/b].