Hello prof :)
Thank you so much about your explain and
Im finsh rpoject just one thing i delete the gaphrfic
from project and i will use just layout garphic but the problem that i meet 
Me is i want trace (Y&X) only and a nother garphic layout down (Y&X) like for
Example (VY&T)(T&Y)(V X T)(VX&T) down tow tracs left and tow taces right
So what i doi change gride to 0,2,0,0 but now give what i want i test all in gride and change no
Give right like i wan,, and i try make size (Y&T) first trace more larg to get all window but no give right too
So what i do prof becouse im finsh project now all just this problem make me stop advice me plz
What i make to get what i want in project i make picture jpg for project and mark (Y&X)that this trace i want be only up window
And another tracs down 2 left and 2 right and (Y&X)wnat be larg to full all window i mean (horzinale)
i will send picture and project xml to you see
And for you say your opinion about design and project all
Respect ....
Thank you so much really for help me all time
Wating answer