The image files in your description page are
<img src="file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/NOAS/Desktop/lNNN.jpg">
<img src="file:///D:/ejsworkspace/source/users/web/2Dmotionlab/evolution_page.jpg">
The src attribute link to your computer disk and that s the reason why only you can view the image.

You need to tell EJS to add those images into jar files so that it can be seen in distribution.
Otherwise, the image files can only been seen in your computer (Because logo files only exists in your computer).

1.Click the button (image) just below the "cross" image(exit window) at the top right corner (or the image above "create a new simulation" button.
2. A popup window will appear, click the second tabs "options and files"
3. click "User files" to include your file.
4. add image in your description
5. recompile it

The other way is to insert image with URL option or edit a html file and use "import html file" (you need to add it to the jar file with the above steps).