I mean prof that in image i mark my ask
About how in project adding after Drawing panel
Add (xaxis)(yaxis)(partical) from 3D drawables
This my ask because i try make the same after
I add drawing panel so no accept and print  this massage
(This element can not be added to this parent)

You can use "PlottingPanel" instead if you want to draw [b]xaxis[/b] and [b]yaxis[/b] in DrawingPanel.

"2D drawables" can be added into either "DrawingPanel" or "PlottingPanel".
However, "3D drawables" can only be added into "DrawingPanel3D" only.
You can not add [u]arrow[/u] in "3D drawables" to "DrawingPanel" or "PlottingPanel".
You need to drag it from "2D drawable".