The use of bow stabilizers can greatly increase your accuracy.

Stabilizers will help balance out the weight of your bow and also help reduce the bow movement once the bow is shot.

Most of the stabilizers on the market today can also help reduce vibration and noise, resulting in better shot placement.

I found an article: [url=http://www.worldacademicunion.com/journal/SSCI/SSCIvol02no01paper01.pdf]Modeling and Computer Simulation of Bow Stabilization in the Vertical Plane[/url].

More references are found:
[url=http://www.tenzone.u-net.com/Equipment/stabilisation/pdfs/stab4a4.pdf]Controlling Bow Behaviour with Stabilisers[/url]
Please let me know: Can we use the information/model described in the above articles.

There is another article
[b]Identification of the bow stabilization mechanism by numerical simulation of the laminar asymmetric flow of a viscous incompressible fluid past a cylinder with a projecting disk [/b]
at http://www.springerlink.com/content/n331m37568151544/ but I was not able to view it.