You can try it with a small light bulb even or flashlight. It will be better in a dark room instead of bright room if you use light bulb.
The screen can be a wall or paper. (a half transparent paper will be better, because you can look at the mage from both side).
Be careful about the candle flames.

Try to find a rectangle paper box (e.g. tissue paper box). Cut it into two equal size with a knife. And join them together so that you can change the width of the box (one side fit into inside of another half).
Cut a circle at one end so that you can put a lens there(you can glue it with 3M tape). Cut a rectangle area at another end and replace it with a larger half-transparent paper.
Put a light source in front of the lens, adjust the width of the box, and you can see the image form at the other side.
You might be able to look out window and see image from building next door at the other side (half-transparent paper) if you adjust the width of the box -- equal to the focus length of the convex lens.

It is similar to a pin hole experiment, but replace pine hole with a convex lens.