How to make for Trail to connected true for angle  0 to 360 but not jump 360-0?

Hi Ejs Professional learning community,

i want to make the graph points connected from 0 to 360 only, the jump from 360 to 0 shows a "undesired" line back to 0.[img];topic=1381.0;attach=1552;image[/img]

the variable ctadegree0360 has values from 0 to 359.9 and will increase to 360 which becomes 0.

i can't use the trick "_isPlaying" because it didn't pause
i also can't use the trick "ctadegree0360 <= 360" because depending on the speed of rotation, by the point 350 the next point could have jump to 5 degree.

any tips? Thanks! ;D