For RLC and diode circuit:V_C=V_{diode}+V_L+V_R,
where V_L=L\frac{dI}{dt}, V_R=IR,V_C=Q_C/C , I=-\frac{dQ_C}{dt}

For example:
At t=0; V_L=V_C-I R-V_{diode}=20-0.12*(9+1)-0.8
this can be used to calculate \frac{dI}{dt}=V_L/L which will give us I(t+dt).
With I(t) we can calculate Q_C(t+dt)=Q_C(t=0)-I dt
We can repeat the above step to calculate the charge Q(t+dt) and current I(t+dt) for each time step t.

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