how to simulate flow of particles in a wire?

i analyze the method used here

say for the loop wire
[code]if(x2[j] else if(x2[j]>a-D*i)x2[j]-=D;[/code]

is used to trick the human eyes by telling when to disappear n appear a distance + or -D away.

i actually ran into some bug.
the codes works when the variables "lengthx" is 1.5 which is the same as your "D". perfect synchronization, the particles disappear n appear together of the visual effect of particle flow is achieved.

but when i create a slider, and move it,
the particles, dynamically re position but the spacing is funny, not equal.

the resultant new effect is not realistic enough to "trick" to human eye.

any tips for me to explore? my source is attached :)

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