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When a loop rotating in a uniform magnetic field.
The magnetic flux is changing which will induce electric field along the loop (produce voltage).
If the loop is rotating with constant angular velocity \omega . (The angle is \omega t)
The magnetic flux in the loop will be \Psi =\int \vec{B}\cdot d\vec{A}= B A cos(\omega t)
So the induced emf = -\frac {d\Psi}{dt}=B A \omega sin(\omega t)


I suspect your model in the ejs codes is not reflecting the correct physics phenomena.
i change it to
"E0*cos(2*pi*x/(5*R))" for the Z in the analytic3D curve which symbolize the emf generated
E0*Math.cos(c2*pi2) for the Z in the emfparticle3D point which symbolize the instantaneous emf generated.
is my interpretation of the code in the model correct?

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