Subject: Orbit applet Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 08:44:52 +0530 From: "Surendranath Reddy.B." <> To: "Hwang" <> Dear Mr.Hwang, I just saw your orbit applet. It was just the thing that I thought I would suggest to you. Please consider the following suggestions. Would it possible to show the initial position of the projectile, its velocity and the angle the velocity makes with the line joining it and the center of the earth and then give the option to launch. The distance from the center of the earth could be made large ( twice, thrice.. the radius of the earth) It would be better if the user gives these inputs by mouse clicks or by entering the values. ( It may be also a good idea to relate these values with (gr)^0.5, the value required for a circular orbit. One could bring out the concept of escape velocity also. Warm Regards Surendranath Reddy.B.